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Expo gallery Jane Griffiths 2013-2014

Expo in Val d'Isère (France)

Apocalypse NOW, NOW!

Exhibition at Resolution gallery Johannesburg, 21-11-2013/07-02-2014

FNB Joburg Art Fair 2013

With Gallery Galea, France

Expo at gallery Jane Griffiths winter 2013

Expo FNB Joburg Art Fair Sept 6-9 2012

Exhibition with Galerie Galea (France) in partnership with Resolution Gallery(Johannesburg). Other artists represented Andre Clements (Digital artist South Africa) et Jean-Christophe Ballot (Photographer, France)

Exhibition at Resolution Gallery Johannesburg 2012

Balance or Transgression: homage to classic painting masters

Galerie Jane Griffiths 2011 new paintings

Gallery Jane Griffiths Dec 09

Selection of paintings exhibited at gallery Jane Griffiths in Val d'Isère (France)

EXPO Galleri GKM Sweden Avril 2010

Exposition from Apri 24 to MAy 29

Noir Désir Show Johannesburg November 2009

Exhibition at the Obert Contemporary Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa, November 2009

Franco Mozambicano/ available pieces

New pieces presented at the "Diversidade" group show at the Franco Mozambican cultural Center of Maputo, May 2009

"Oil and Guns", Available

New artwork presented at the StArt art fair in Strasbourg France.
?Malaise and successive crises follow one another? tensions are getting worse?conflicts, uprisings, demonstrations, all prolong the illusion of change ?.Oil and Guns the title of
my show written in English, or should I say, American is the story of an era. Ours?.
The history of the end of a cycle, the melt-down of a structure?. That of the American Dream, of petrol as king, of gas-guzzling vehicles and unlimited growth and of ?a tomorrow will never come? attitude. Our times are troubled, they are looking for a path. It?s as if the sun needed chaos to shine once more ?.

Croisemements/Crossroads/ available pieces

Photo exhibition at the Franco Mozambican cultural center of Maputo (Mozambique)with Mozambican artists Gonçalo Mabunda (sculptor) and Mauro Pinto Phtographer.
From june 10 to july 8 2008

Cruzamentos / Made in China: 2d part

New available paintings

New paintings available painted in Mozambique

Paintings available

Récent pieces

Sélection of paintings done in 2006 and 2007

Installation / Photos

A photographic installation on a telecabine from the 60ies originating from the Swiss Alpes

Riots / Watercolors

My studio loft in Marseille is for sale

A 1950 Sqf open space, with mobile bedrooms on wheels

Trains and scrapyards/watercolors