pierre mathieu
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TEXTE : Louis Pujol


With a taste for vivid shades, bold colours, and incandescence, Pierre Mathieu?s painting plays with fire.
It comes close to and toys with the boundaries, without ever crossing them. Transgressi...

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TEXTE : Pierre Mathieu


Where am I going ? I don?t know. The next painting will decide. It knows. It guides me. Hesitation, construction, deconstruction. I start again. One layer, then another, then another. Each one leaves ...

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TEXTE : Philippe Vasset


The Burning Car Series

On the TV they said in a surprised tone: ?they have nothing, yet they burn their cars!? They do not understand that people would rather have a night of fun and fire a...

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TEXTE : Gilles Moraton


There are some places where you anticipate an incident. Places where you say to yourself ?something is about to happen, right now, don?t leave.? Of course, you can?t see the guys, but they are...

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